Our Approach

There is nothing better than tasting fresh handmade chocolates. We want our customers to have easy access and to enjoy our chocolates. You can come into our shop and choose you very own selection of truffles and browse at our extensive range of handmade chocolate gifts.

We have a very unique approach as we have our production kitchen in the heart of our shop so you can watch all our products being made, there is nothing more magical and fascinating than watching our chocolatier at work.

Our chocolatier is on hand if you have always wondered how something is done or our most asked question ‘how is chocolate made’ . We want you to enjoy your experience with us and the amazing world of chocolate.

All our chocolates are handmade and designed in house by our chocolatier. We make our chocolates fresh daily in our shop in very small batches so we can guarantee the highest quality and freshness.

Our chocolates can be either bought from our shop or online and sent by post.

Our Ingredients

The chocolate we use is of very high quality and should not be compared to a lot of the confectionary chocolate available in supermarkets. We source all our ingredients from the best global suppliers, using the finest chocolate couverture from Belgian, France and our single origin chocolate from Madagascar .

We believe natural ingredients are best, we don’t use any artificial flavours, this method helps us combine ingredients and create real flavours in our chocolates making them as enjoyable as possible.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Pure Cocoa Fine Chocolates

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